We are Osk Technologies. The best minds in all of Hydaelyn gathered together to push technology further, achieving that which hasn't been done before, reaching goals previously unreachable, making the impossible, possible.

The Technologies' goal is to create a neutral space where technology can be persued for technology's sake. True Neutrality is what is required, and here, we strive to reach that goal.

In order to reach that ideal of Neutrality, our own space must be created. Our current Headquarters in Shirogane is undergoing intense structural changes to become the first fully self sufficient flying forge and marketplace.

But until we get there, our separate departments of Manufacturing and Testing, Research and Navigation and Life Sciences are working together to push our understanding of the technology we already have, to create new forms of advancement down the line, not for the benefit of Wars and Army's, but for the people of Hydaelyn.

The staff is made up of many likeminded, and some not so likeminded individuals. Those who are interested in joining will have to become familiar with the Director and the Officers.

Alja Osk

The Director of the company, a stern, enigmatic kind of woman, whom will stop at nothing to ensure the ideals of the company are carried out. Like to keep her personal life to herself, and keep most others at arms length, she is quite the mystery to those whom she employs, but is she herself truly neutral...?

D.W. Smartshots

Simply known as D.W. Smartshots, this enigmatic mammeteer seems to be an old friend of Alja's. They are polite, precise, and, despite their penchant for etiquette, cannot resist dancing to a catchy tune. They head the Manufacturing and Testing department and do not tolerate tardiness from their employees.

Rashmi Nhal

Rashmi Nhal is something of a contradiction: Collected and dutiful one moment and seemingly driven by will and whimsy the next, endlessly seeking 'amusement' though never quite explaining what 'amusement' means. New to her role as head of Research and Development at Osk though she may be, the woman's knowledge is nothing to scoff at, whether she's being actively questioned on matters or spouting some little factoid as an aside in pleasant conversation... though certain comments the Seeker makes might lead one to believe her expertise lies far beyond matters with which she's been tasked...

Garalund Vanlucht

Garalund Vanlucht is a man of few words, and what words he does offer are often straight to the point, which truly sells his lack of social grace. However, it would be difficult to consider him a hostile person, due to his incredibly calm personality, and as head of security, he is completely harmless as far as staff should be concerned.

Now Hiring

The Osk Technologies is currently recruiting for mechanics, engineers, healers and those with aetherical knowledge. From keeping the terrarium in good shape to helping to build one of the largest airships known in this era, the Technologies has a place for you.

Feel free to pop by our Headquarters on Balmung at:
Plot 50,
18th Ward Subdivision,

If you are interested in applying, reach out to either Alja Osk or one of the other Officers in game, or alternatively, fill in our application below, and we will be in touch!

On occasion, the Osk technologies opens its doors to the general public, offering a wide range of gadgets, trinkets and services for sale. Commissions are also available; if you are interested in ordering something bespoke made specifically for you, please get in touch with one of the staff.

Osk Wares


The Osk forges and blacksmiths are always on hand. Not only do we have a range of premade weapons which are base-range, but you could also commission a weapon specifically for you. This includes, but isn't limited to, swords, lances, firearms and magical foci.

Premade weapons: Starting from 10,000 gil.
Custom Weapons: Starting from 50,000 gil.


Many of our talented crew are able to create some of the strongest armor, and as all too many know, good armor could be the difference between breathing and not. Again, we have a base range of cloth, leather and plate armor, as well as the potential for commissions.

Premade Armor sets: Starting from 25,000 gil.
Custom Armor Sets: Starting from 75,000 gil.


Of course, we know that technology as it is at the moment is very much a luxury, but if you can afford it, why not try to make your life a little easier with the help of Osk Technologies.

Kitchen Appliances
Coffee brewer : 10,000
Dish Washer : 24,500
Food Blender : 15,000
Water Boiling Kettle : 5,000

Around the House
Voice-controlled Lighting system : 30,000
Humidifier : 5,000
Dehumidifier : 5,000
Electronic Broomba : 50,000
Tomestone of Frivolity : 100,000

Working airship models : 5,000
Wind up dolls : 2,500
Chronometers : Starting from 2,500


Keepsakes in Crystal
By Ruhani Nhal

All 'Keepsakes in Crystal' are made from a light blue translucent crystal which exudes a faint blue 'glow' when in their active states. Figurines do not seemingly require aether to function (or if they do, the amount is miniscule) and are extremely durable. Each figurine measures no more than three ilms in height.

Carbuncle - Patting the Carbuncle Figurine upon its head will cause the creature to animate, perform two flips (one forward, one backward) in place, and then return to its default inert state. - 2,500 Gil, animates for roughly three seconds

Mandragora - Patting the Mandragora Figurine's leaves causes the creature to twirl about briefly, concluding its performance with a flourish of both arms before returning to its inert state. -2,500 Gil, 'animates' for roughly three seconds

Cat with Ribbon - Rubbing the Cat Figurine's back causes it to wake up from its default pose (curled up asleep) to prance and pounce around the surface it rests upon (as though playing with an invisible toy) before eventually returning to sleep. - 5,000 Gil, 'animates' for roughly five to seven seconds

Ruhani will accept commissions via appointment.

Make-a-Mammet Kits

100,000g per kit.

Here at Make-a-Mammet, what we create are lifelong friendships! Your mammet will talk and move on its own from the start, but they will learn from their experiences with you! Included are one full outfit, refined speaker for crisp speech (pitch can be adjusted for free at any Make-a-Mammet), a lifetime warranty*, and one set of matching accessories for both mammet and friend! Mammets are also capable of using their stored aether (built over time) for healing, protection, and defense in a pinch.

Choose from one of our mammets built in-house, or bring a companion from home to be rigged by us, and a representative will walk you through the steps to bringing your new best friend home!

Steps 1. Choose your mammet! Be it a classic mammet, one of our designer dolls, or a custom one you’ve brought from home previously to be rigged by us, all have best friend potential! We offer bipedal, quadrupedal, and Sylphic (which means they float like faeries) variations!

Step 2. Choose your heart! The very core of a mammet, each color corresponds with a personality modifier. Please choose from our list below.

Step 3. Attune your mammet’s heart! Exchanging your aether with the living energies inherent in a mammet’s core builds the foundation of the bond with your mammet. They will ever be in tune with your emotions and loyal only to you.

Step 4. Gift your mammets its heart! Place the heart within your mammet’s chest (don’t worry, it’ll be safe in there), bringing it to life!

Step 5. Name your new best friend! Congratulations, you’ve just made your own mammet! Be sure to love and care for them and they’ll ever return the same.


Choose one from the list below, but do so wisely! It will determine their personality traits and habits!

Red - Quick to act, these mammets are highly passionate. Recommended for particularly active children.

Orange - These mammets are very enthusiastic and particularly emotionally supportive. Good for children who need an extra ear to listen.

Yellow - Anything but cowardly, mammets with this heart tend to be very optimistic and particularly jovial. Great for any child who needs a bit more humor in their life!

Green - Hopeful and harmonious, these mammets do well in homes with multiple children.

Turqoise - These mammets are calm and thoughtful, beneficial to children who could use a bit more help with conflict resolution.

Blue - Mammets with these hearts are responsible, protective, and incredibly loyal. They tend to be particularly helpful in single-parent households.

Purple - Wise and creative, these do well by children who could use more introspection.

Pink - Compassion, warmth, and whimsy are what these hearts bring to the table. Like blue, they do well in single-parent homes and with only children.

Chocolate - These hearts are known for being stable and attentive; children who do not deal well with change benefit greatly from such mammets.

Coffee - Mammets with these noble dark hearts tend to be sophisticated and elegant in their behavior and presentation. They help balance out rambunctious children and help with chores!

Silver - Practical and confident, these hearts are ever in control of their emotions. Like turquoise, they are good for conflict resolution.

Cream - These hearts lend mammets a rather well-rounded, but ambitious personality. They are prone to cleaning and pair well with Coffee.

The first set is free! Each comes in the same colors as your mammet’s heart.

Pendant Necklace set - Your mammet’s corresponding gem inlaid in gold or silver cogs. 2500g
Ring set - Your mammet’s corresponding gem inlaid in a gold or silver bezel set rings. 1500g
Bracelet set - Your mammet’s corresponding gems attached to a charm bracelet. 2000g

Everything below costs extra.

Linkpearl - Allows remote monitoring. 500g
Tracker - Allows for remote tracking of your mammet. 10,000g
Quadrupedal Build - For custom, four-legged mammets. 1,000g
Levitation Device - For Sylphic models. 1500g

Legal details

*Only house-built mammets and the rigs used in custom builds are guaranteed under our warranty.
We are not responsible for any damage that may come from modifying brought-from-home skins.
Mammet hearts may only be removed at an official Make-a-Mammet retailer. Attempting removal yourself or through a third party will void your warranty. Mammets learn and, with our patented process come to feel.
We are not responsible for the poor behavior of a mistreated mammet.
Mammets are not designed to expend their entire aetherial reserves at once. We are not responsible for any circumvention of this failsafe that may result in an inert mammet.